Tuesday, 28 October 2014

"Ski Masks and Other Masks" - Subcomandante Marcos

"Why all the uproar over the ski masks? Isn’t Mexican culture a culture of veils?… I propose the following: I am disposed to take off the ski mask if Mexican society takes off the mask it uses in coveting a foreign vocation and which it put on years ago. What would happen? It’s clear: Mexican civil society (excluding the Zapatistas because they know perfectly well in image, thought, word and work) would come to see, not without disillusionment, that the sub-Marcos is not a foreigner and neither is he as handsome as the ‘media connection’ of the PGR (Mexican Attorney General) has asserted. But not only that. On taking off its own masks Mexican civil society would come to see, with an even greater impact, that the image of itself that it had been sold is false and that the reality is much more terrible than it had imagined."
- Insurgent subcomandante Marcos

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